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Training Course Excerpt: Single Implant Placement

Product Emphasis: Bruxzir Crowns - J.Morita Foundation Graft Plugs

The material presented here represents excerpts from Dr. Nazarian's most popular implant training courses that he has presented over the years, with different implant manufacturers and surgical product distributors.

Reconstructive Institute
Ara Nazarian, DDS
The adjacent picture depicts a simple implant case that is used in his basic implant lectures and is taken from the power point presentation used in the seminar. The caption reads: Patient Presents with Tooth Broken at Gumline #5

After extraction and thorough preparation of the socket Dr. Nazarian demonstrates the use of a new, proven alternative to conventional particulate based bone graft material.

Developed by J.Morita, the patented "Foundation" product is inserted into the extraction socket, completely filling the voids.

J. Morita Foundation graft demonstration
Advanced Bone Graft Technologies
The Foundation product is available in two preformed sizes, shaped as plugs. Dr. Nazarian shows how the plugs are trimmed and inserted into the voids left by the extracted roots.

The treatment protocol demonstated by Dr. Nazarian shows how no GTR membranes are needed to optimize healing and growth of new tissue.

A hallmark of the Reconstructive Dentistry Institute is the introduction and demonstrated use of advanced (including new and improved) technologies that improve upon the concepts of standard of care and also promote dental practice efficiencies for improving the bottom line.

Morita Foundation protocol
Grafting Surgical Protocol
The photo at the right shows how the implant site appears with the Foundation product in place immediately prior to suturing.

Notice no GTR membrane is being used.

Proprietary suturing techniques are used to minimize overall suturing yet promote the growth of desired soft tissues that will correspond to surrounding tissue characteristics and provide a great asesthetic appearance for future implant restoration.

No Perio Flap Implant Surgery
Minimally Invasive No Flap Implant Surgery
The next picture in this treatment series shows the beginning steps in implant placement after about 4 months of healing. Notice the idealized quality and amount of the gingiva tissue.

Instead of a common perio flap, a perio punch is used to effortlessly create a tissue opening that matches the diameter of the proposed implant.

Seminar Product Highlights

For this particular seminar and product demonstrations, Dr. Nazarian explains in detail how for this particular patient and treatment needs, implant products from AB Dental are selected to provide the best possible treatment solution.

Implant Abutment AB Dental
Proprietary AB Dental Implant Products
Certain dental implant characteristics are discussed in detail with a slide presentation of implant placement and abutment preparation.

In general terms, the most successful dentists who practice comprehensive reconstructive and restorative dentistry typically have access to an above average number of technology choices.

Dr. Nazarian's seminars routinely promote the use of both well known and established products along with those that provide the best or most comprehensive coverage of dental treatment needs.

Bruxzir Zirconia Implant Restoration
Bruxzir Zirconia Restoration

Hybrid Problem Resolution Dentistry

No two patients, regardless of circumstances, will ever have identical treatment needs.

While the use of dental products or protocols may be similar between a large number of patients, there will always seem to be something unique that makes one "proven" treatment methodology perfect for one patient.... while it fails miserably for another patient.

This particular patient had a bruxing problem, that was incidental to the overall treatment. To assure that the implant tooth replacement would have endurance characteristics desired by the patient, the use of a Bruxzir Zirconia Restoration was selected for the final restorative product.

Another leading edge technology in restoratives, the Bruxzir Crown is comprised of premium zirconia fused to a metal substructure that virtually defies destruction.

Watch this entertaining video where a hammer is used compare the physical forces that a PFM crown can endure, in contrast to the Bruxzir crown.

Questions and Details: Reconstructive Dentistry Seminars

Dentists and specialists seeking post secondary training that enables their practice to incorporate leading edge dentistry concepts and technologies immediately are encouraged to contact Dr. Nazarian directly for any questions or additional requests for technical information.

Dr. Nazarian can be most easily contacted via our on-line email Contact Form. He will respond to you directly with the answers you seek to unique questions or questions about the activities of the Reconstructive Dental Institute.

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