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Custom Large and Small Group Training

Dr Nazarian: Popular Favorite Training Resource

Corporate Group Practice Staff Training

Dental Practices, large and small, that incorporate multi-office locations and independent staff groups for each office often develop training needs that can be cumbersome to manage.

Support Staff

Human resource activities for assuring homogeneous adoption of inter office and intra office operations and practice philosophy are usually best managed by existing senior staff.

Receptionists, accounting personnel, xray technicians, dental assistants and hygienists can typically rely upon in-service training activities conducted by existing senior staff.

Professional Staff

Dentistry professionals that can include generalists and any number of specialist groups (periodontists, prosthodontists, orthodontists, implant surgeons) however, do not derive the same benefits from in-service training activities for their needs and interests.

Inclusive Staff Training
Rapid changes in treatment or procedure protocols and the unrelenting advancement of dental technologies make it practically impossible for a medium or large practice to maintain awareness of new adaptations in dentistry.

Many practices have discovered the inefficiencies of periodically sending selected key staff members to new seminar events that often preface a new or improved technology advancement that warrants immediate adaptation.

Popular seminars often become overbooked months in advance, preventing many dentistry professionals from participating on a casual basis. Training events that are modularized further complicate the acquisition of skills and needed mastery that will impact practice revenues.

Synchronization for the Bottom Line

Adding mastery to science
Nearly every dental professional that works in a multi-specialty or large group practice has shared the wish or thought: "if I could only get the training, materials and hands-on exposure I need.... on MY schedule....."

Being able to manage a productive practice and simultaneously maintaining a leading edge advantage in delivering the latest advancements in dentistry is nearly impossible for many practices that lack the resources to synchronize certain key elements necessary for increasing practice revenues.

Private Corporate Training

Customized training modules are developed by Dr. Nazarian for the specific needs of large multi office practices.

Whether city or region wide, state wide or national, Dr. Nazarian possesses the experience, access to technologies and full support of most popular product vendors that enables entire groups of dentists to achieve mastery with convenience.

Upon request, specific product lines can be made available for immediate implementation during the seminar event.

Interactive Learning Environments
Midwest Dental (regional scope similar to Aspen, Coast and Castle) professional staff have participated in skills training for traditional implant dentistry concepts and applications.

Custom training programs have been developed for larger, national level practices including Heartland Dental. Through optimization of purpose and focus, training activities coupled with live demonstrations and/or hands-on treatment sessions form the basis for immediate implementation in nearly any number of offices.

Live implant surgery, mini implant placements, bone grafting, sinus lifts, cantilever bridge implementation, custom denture prosthetics and modification and occlusion analysis during the past year have been the leaders in seminar topics.

Restoratives (training and hands-on) that include premium composites, tooth prep protocols, bonding chemistry, porcelain restoratives and popular products for providing minimally invasive dentistry are provided on an on-going basis.

Questions and Details

Like all dentists and manufacturers (or representives) with active schedules, Dr. Nazarian can be easily contacted via our on-line email Contact Form. He will respond to you directly with the answers you seek to unique questions or questions about the material published on this website.

To create an immediate impact on treatment plan sales and/or case acceptance, order Dr. Nazarian's DemoDent case acceptance tool with our on-line order form.

Training for large and small groups
Conserving Resources: Training Success for Multiple Large and Small Groups in the Same Seminar

Michigan Dental Seminars
Ara Nazarian, DDS Seminar Leader
1857 East Big Beaver Road
Troy MI 48083
(248) 457-0500 - Fax: (248) 457-0501

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