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Atraumatic Extractions and Socket Preservation

Implant Site and Bone Augmentation Dentistry Basics

Whether performing single tooth or full mouth extractions, the procedure can be fast, predictable, and atraumatic for the patient and the dental team.

Physics Forceps, a relatively new techology developed by Dr. Richard Golden, uses a process that takes advantage of efficient Class I lever principles, as well as biochemical properties while conserving bone and soft tissue will insure more efficiency and effectiveness.

The techniques discussed during the seminars allow dental providers the opportunity to learn how simplified atraumatic tooth extractions can offer more services under one roof while setting the foundation for implant reconstruction.
  • Achieve atraumatic extractions efficiently and effectively in any condition
  • Offer patients a breakthrough technique in quickly removing teeth
  • Reduce post-operative discomfort and patient healing time
  • Preserve the alveolar ridge in preparation for immediate-load implants
  • Incorporate techniques for socket grafting in 30-60 seconds
  • Identify the different types of grafting and best materials
  • Examine various types of implants for easy placement and restoration

Instrument Specifics

The Physics Forceps enable practitioners to extract teeth very efficiently, even with broken or otherwise comprised teeth.

Click to watch a short video demonstration
Socket debris (periodontal tissue and root tip fragments) is typically at a minimal degree, requiring minimal effort to assure removal of all unwanted tissue.

This specialty tool does not remove the tooth directly. Rather, it gently nudges the tooth structure free from the socket, following the routine use of an oseotome to sever all periodontal attacmnts.

Once nudged free, the loose tooth is easily removed with the finger tips. In cases where the tooth structure is compromised down to or below gum line tissue, the tooth is easily removed with forceps or other instruments that can lift the tooth out of the socket.

32 Teeth Edentulation - 15 minutes
In a fashion similar to the Ogram Method of tooth extraction, numerous teeth can be removed very quickly, efficiently and with the most minimally invasive process as possible.

The adjacent photo depicts a total of 32 teeth removed within just a few minutes. The minimally invasive quality of the extractions usually permit optimal socket preparation for socket grafts and for dental implant site development.

Patients seeking prosthetic teeth replacement without the use of implants (denture patients) will enjoy rapid healing and optimal bony ridge development (with bone leveling) that leads to comfortable, snug fit of denture prosthetics.

National Popularity

Television Interview
Nationally Televised Interview
Physics Forceps is rapidly becoming the tooth extraction instrument of choice, especially with those dental practitioners who routinely extract above average numbers of teeth or provide edentulation procedures within periodontal disease and denture dentistry treatment plans.

Recently, Dr. Richard Golden, developer of Physics Forceps, was featured on the popular DoctorsTV program.

He explains the basics of outdated methods of tooth extraction where breakage is common... something that does not commonly occur with the use of his unique extraction methods.

Click here to watch a short video excerpt from the program where a live patient treatment was demonstrated.

Michigan Dental Seminars
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1857 East Big Beaver Road
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